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Diet And Cancer

Diet and Cancer Whole Fruits And Vegetables,and The Risk Of Cancer

This year, about 182,800 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 80% won’t have any genetic predisposition to the disease. Yet it is becoming particularly clear that cancer is preventable with healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

A report by the United States Academy of Sciences on the relationship between diet and cancer recommended greater emphasis on fresh (i.e., raw) fruits and vegetables. Vitamins A, C and E, which are found in all fresh green leafy vegetables and fruit have been shown to prevent cancer.

The National Academy of Sciences 1982 report on diet and cancer was the first to make clear the link between diet and cancer. Now, the new Diet & Cancer Project report clearly establishes that the foods we choose play an overwhelming role in fighting cancer.

1. Eating right, plus staying physically active and maintaining a health weight, can cut cancer risk by 30% to 40%.
2. Recommended dietary choices coupled with not smoking have the potential to reduce cancer risk by 60% to 70%.
3. As many as 375,000 cases of cancer, at current cancer rates, could be prevented each year in this nation through healthy dietary choices.
4. A simple change, such as eating five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, could by itself reduce cancer rates more than 20%.
Though more fruits and vegetables has been recommended by numerous health agencies as one way to reduce risk of developing cancer, many of the studies using fruits and vegetables don’t make a clear distinction between cooked and uncooked, and therefore don’t make it clear that un-cooked fruits and vegetables are the best source of the ingredients known to reduce cancer risk. In fact, some studies actually have shown that cooking destroys some of the ingredients in fruits and vegetables known to help in cancer prevention. Obviously, since the ingredients needed to prevent cancer are destroyed or degraded by cooking, and perhaps not properly assimilated or digested after cooked as well, it is clear that RAW, uncooked, whole, living fruits and vegetable are the best choices for cancer prevention.

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