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Herbal Remedy For Psoriasis

Herbal Remedy For Psoriasis

Recommended Recipes to Remedy Psoriasis

There are many plant produce that are helpful for this skin condition. When you are not drinking juices, include them in your meals. Choose the greenest and orangest that you can find. But generally, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can’t go wrong. Other suggestions: Broccoli, kale, orange capsicum, dark green lettuces, collard greens, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, etc.


Dedicate yourself to drink at least one 8-oz glass of carrot juice everyday (on an empty stomach). The rich beta-carotene in carrots are especially helpful for detoxifying the liver and kidneys.

When combined with spinach juice, they make an excellent help in cleansing the blood of impurities, with their superb repairing, healing and nourishing virtues.

Juice a medium-sized carrot with a bunch of spinach. Drink regularly.


These berries are a rich source of vitamin C. They make powerful anti-oxidant especially for those with high toxicity in the blood. They are also effective in building up the body’s immune system.

Juice a handful of each type of berries and add in one grapefruit or two oranges to balance off the strong berry taste.


This combination of red juice is rich in beta-carotene and is extremely cleansing. When you consume beta-carotene, be sure that you do not drink alcohol or smoke, at least four hours before and after as this would wipe out the effectiveness of its healing virtues.
Drink as much watermelon juice as you like, including a quarter to half medium-sized beets in your juicing every once in a while. If the beet has its greens still attached, throw them into your juicer as well for its extra rich minerals.

Add spirulina or chlorella powder to your juices, whenever possible.


These two fruits are the other rich sources of vitamin C. Add a variety to your juicing experiment.

Alfalfa Sprouts

I call these two the super-greens for their long list of goodness, that come from their combination of their myriad valuable nutrients that make them the most healing and nourishing foods.
Add a green apple with a slice of lemon to make it more palatable.

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