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Dymphna Maher

Living Food Specialist

I have always been interested in good food. I spent a number of years travelling and sampling the world’s foods. On my return, I met my husband Nick who was farming at the time.

We eventually settled down to work Nick’s farm in County Laois. Over the next four years we had three children, and life became a wonderful whirlwind of school, music, and sport.

We made the transition to organic farming three years ago, which we found it a more natural way of life. Some time later I was diagnosed with Thyroid throat cancer. Although this period in my life held uncertainty and fear it also began my journey to better health.

I decided I was going to be proactive in counteracting the effects of radium and the disease itself. I attended Helen Begadon at the School of Herbal Medicine in Port Laois.

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Nicholas Maher

Herbalist/Qualified iridologist

I got into the area of herbs as many people do, by firstly going through my own health crisis.
I was diagnosed with the auto immune disease, sarcoidosis in 2007.

At that time I attended St.James hospital and was informed that the only treatment for Sarcoid was steroids and that would be for an indefinite time.
With Sarcoid, my life was difficult and I felt pretty awful most of the time but I had understood that steroids were merely a quick fix, and that the problems associated with taking them were often as bad as if not worse than the original complaint.
I had made my mind up that steroids would only be used as a last resort.

In the meanwhile, my local health shop recommended a herbalist in Portlaise who specialised in auto immune diseases, her name is Helen Begadon and she runs the Irish school of herbal medicine.

Helen asked me to change my diet drastically, and take her prescribed herbs.

Although the change was initially difficult to adapt to, I soon began to enjoy my food and my health began to improve.

Within six months I had made great progress, by sticking to the dietary advice and taking the prescribed herbs, and today my health is as good as ever.

I was so impressed with how she determined my health problems through a process called iridology and I felt the health benefits almost immediately by following her advice, that I decide to study for my degree in herbalism and iridology
Iridology is the study of the human constitution both physically and emotionally by the examination of the colour and structure of the eyes. Iridology stresses the treatment of the patient, not the disease. A photo is taken, enlarged and looked at on a computer screen, to permit detailed viewing of the eyes

Herbalism is the study and use of herbs. Herbalism laid the foundation of modern medicine, botany, pharmacy, perfumery and chemistry. It has a scope as wide as any form of medicine, as herbs can be used for any condition that is medically treatable.

My degree took four years, and today enjoy a lively practice from my home here in Ballickmoyler county Laois.

I treat people from all walks of life.People come to me with chronic health problems but I also see people when they have made the decision to improve their quality of life.

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About Us

Nicholas and Dymphna Maher live in the picturesque area of the Kileshin hills and apply the same organic methods to farming as they do to their own lives. "We farm organically,we eat organically, and when get sick we treat our bodies with herbal remedies.

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