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Iridology is the study of the human constitution both physically and emotionally by the examination of the colour and structure of the eyes. Iridology stresses the treatment of the patient, not the disease. A photo is taken, enlarged and looked at on a computer screen, to permit detailed viewing of the eyes.

Research has found that the iris is primarily a reflection of inherent make-up rather than current tissue conditions. Iris patterns reflect potentialities for health problems, but do not mean that those health problems have actually developed.

The value of iridology lies not in its ability to tell us what is wrong with our bodies, but rather where our bodies are likely to break down under stress. If you know where the weak links are, then you know exactly what you have to do to protect yourself so you can live a long and healthy life. The key is to remember that the presence of an iris sign is only an indication of a tendency, not an established fact.

The fact that you have a particular pattern in your eye does not mean you will match the typical profile 100%. However, you will probably find that about 80%-90% of the information will hold true. The personality patterns are especially dependable.

So, knowing your constitutional strengths and weaknesses helps you select a diet and lifestyle which can optimize your health and avoid many illnesses.
Understanding your personality tendencies can also help you select a lifestyle which is in harmony with your natural strengths.

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Nicholas and Dymphna Maher live in the picturesque area of the Kileshin hills and apply the same organic methods to farming as they do to their own lives. "We farm organically,we eat organically, and when get sick we treat our bodies with herbal remedies.

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