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Living Food


I teach people how to bring living food into their lives in an easy to apply manner. Scientific research has confirmed the fact that food, when subjected to chemical preservation methods and heated above 115°F, loses its enzymes and nutritional value. Worse still, it actively causes ill health amongst its consumers. We are all familiar with vitamins and minerals.

But we don’t often hear about enzymes.

Enzymes exist and take part in every Process of the human body.
It is impossible to imagine life without enzymes.

Uncooked vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, sprouted seeds, nuts, grains and legumes are abundant in enzymes.

Enzymes digest all of our foods and enter our blood stream. Once it enters the bloodstream they take the digested food and transform it into tissues, bones and muscles.

Enzymes are substances that make life possible.

They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body.

No mineral, vitamin or hormone can work without enzymes.

When we eat food that is high in enzymes we are reducing the demand on the body to produce digestive enzymes, thus leaving the body to direct its energy into other areas.

To conclude, enzymes are life itself.

Here at Healing Herbs,you will find real food in its purest form – fresh, organic, and enzyme-rich: the way nature intended it. Our lessons consist of imaginative culinary creations designed to nourish and heal the body, as well as please even the most jaded palate.

Lessons are taught here in our home, but can be taught in other locations.
I give one to one advice or give demonstrations to small or medium groups

About Us

Nicholas and Dymphna Maher live in the picturesque area of the Kileshin hills and apply the same organic methods to farming as they do to their own lives. "We farm organically,we eat organically, and when get sick we treat our bodies with herbal remedies.

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