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Sports Herbs

Sports Herbs
Athletes looking to improve performance,increase immunity,or treat an injury might consider the health benefits of herbs instead of more aggressive synthetic substances.

Herbs can improve athletic ability in the following areas:

Aerobic Activity:
The term aerobic exercise means “with oxygen” and is primarily concerned with the use of the large muscle groups which can be maintained over a long period of time.Ginseng and various sterols improve muscular strength,maximimize oxygen uptake,and regulate heart rate

Anaerobic activity:
Anaerobic activity is usually short term and of high intensity,and is an excellent way to increase muscle strength and mass.Anaerobic means without oxygen as there is a shortage of oxygen present in the muscles.Anti oxidants can be used to combat the increase in lactic acid produced due to the deficiency in oxygen levels.

Physical Endurance:
An athletes stamina can be greatly improved by herbs which decrease the bodies sensitivity to stress and fatigue.Adaptogens such as Ginseng and Eleuthro allow the muscles to achieve more staying power and recover faster.

Sports Injury:
The world of sport is beginning to recognize herbal remedies as a real alternative in the treatment of injuries.Athletes need to deal with recurring problems with tendons,sprains,over exercised and over stretched muscles.Herbs such as Skullcap,White Willow Bark,and Horsetail can be used to treat a myriad of injuries holistically and in harmony with the body.

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